Regulatory Compliance

What You Can Expect From Transcom

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Why Choose Transcom?

Our DOT trainers offer a variety of in-person, or online training courses for the specific needs or weaknesses of your company.

All work and repairs done to a CMV must be recorded individually, organized in chronological order, and mechanics must have proper requirements to perform work.

Maintaining a carrier’s authority in good standing as well as certain permits and licenses are mandatory to keeping you from fines and expirations.

Driver Safety Meetings

Vehicle Maintenance Programs

Credential Services

Providing an upfront, impartial look at your operation from the outside. Carriers can sometimes become blind to certain obvious violations if they are not aware of them.

Audit preparation is managed for you. We organize documents and correspond with officers and even perform Mock DOT Audits to analyze where your company stands from a risk and compliance perspective.

Meeting FMCSA requirements with new drivers from creating a new DQ File and CDL Clearinghouse registration to initial MVRs and pre-employment drug tests. 

Initial Risk Analysis

DOT Audit

New Driver 

FMCSA requires certain policies and procedures to be distributed and trained to employees. When regulations change so must company policies and handbooks.

Policies and Handbooks

Any carrier travelling interstate over 26,001 lbs. GVWR should be filing fuel taxes with the Department of Revenue. Equivalent intrastate vehicles in states that require should maintain proper accounts.

IFTA Taxes

Keep SMS scores low and stay out of alert status from violations improperly attached to your DOT number, non-preventable accidents removed as well as points that are wrongly assessed. 

Not all companies are built and operated the same, which is why we have built 5 separate programs to fit your company’s focus.

We encourage all of our clients to practice Proactive Safety Management (PSM), which is the basis of all of our DOT Compliance Programs.

We guarantee our service!


CSA Score


Partnered Safety Programs

Alcohol and Controlled Substance compliance and management

Why choose us?

  • * Organized and measured plan to lower SMS scores 
  • * An expert that costs much less than hiring a safety director or team 
  • * Constant monitoring to keep your operation FMCSA compliant 
  • * Shorten driver hiring process and get coordinated results back to stay compliant
  • * Monthly reporting and goal setting to hold your team accountable
  • * Unlimited and Secure Cloud storage for your documents
  • * Lower insurance premiums – Partnered Safety Program packages has been proven to lower premiums. I work several insurance companies to give us discounts on your premiums
  • * Monthly reporting and goal setting to hold your team accountable
  • * Audit preparedness and representation
  • * Personal account manager for any questions or concerns
  • * Quarterly Fuel Tax filings through our internal system
  • * Up-to-date company policies and handbook FMCSA rules and regulations change
  • * Authority Renewals completed correctly and on time
  • *Active monitoring of your ELD system(s)