Transcom, is operated by a former Federal and State Compliance Enforcement Officer with nearly 20 years of regulatory experience. We know Federal and Wisconsin truck laws. The out-of-state companies that are soliciting your business may not be familiar with state motor carrier laws. They may be form generators. I look out for your interests and I customize to meet your needs.

Keeping up with US Department of Transportation (DOT) and safety compliance requirements can be a challenge for even the most organized of fleet managers. The vast assortment of documents needed to manage driver qualification, Hours of Service (HOS), Alcohol and Controlled Programs, Driver Qualifacation files, Accountability (CSA) records, roadside and accident reports, and more, can lead to gaps in record keeping and exposure to risk. The cost of failing an audit is prohibitive; however, it is minor compared to the cost of accident litigation due to non-compliant documentation. The solution to proactively managing DOT and safety compliance risk is to talk to Transcom in advance. At Transcom, we give you the power of intelligent compliance, offering visibility and control over your fleet to streamline processes, reduce risk, and improve profitability.

Ask about our partnered safety program where we can manage all or parts of your compliance programs for you. It’s like having your own Safety Director, but at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff. This frees up your and your staff’s time to do other things that grow your business. 

We have partnered with an OHSA, MSHA, SFI training company and a business insurance company. Together, we can provide a comprehensive list of services to you ranging from alcohol and controlled testing to online or onsite training.

What does this mean for you? By hiring safety professionals who knows nearly all aspects of federal and state transportation laws and regulations, it could lower your CSA score which many freight brokers and insurance companies use to set your rates. The CSA score is also what the DOT uses to target a carrier for an audit.  By partnering with Transcom, the likelihood of being targeted by an intrusive and costly audit will be greatly reduced.  If you are targeted for an audit or an inspection on the road, we make sure it is performed correctly. Transcom knows the protocols and looks for flaws. Oftentimes, fines or violations are greatly reduced and/or removed. We are your best defense.

Find out more. Contact us. Initial consultations are always free.

Richard Hablewitz